Drug possession Background

A married couple in Missouri faced serious legal jeopardy when federal authorities raided their home, seizing a large quantity of drugs. Both husband and wife were charged with drug possession and trafficking, despite suspicions that only one party might have been involved.


The prosecution’s case relied on the presence of drugs in the shared residence. However, the investigation failed to establish which individual had knowledge of drug possession. This lack of specificity presented a significant legal hurdle for the prosecution. 

James Law Group Approach

  • Thorough Evidence Analysis: The defense team meticulously examined all drug possession evidence collected during the federal raid.
  • Legal Precedent Research: Attorneys researched relevant case law regarding shared residences and drug possession.
  • Strategic Defense Planning: Based on their analysis, James Law Group developed a robust defense strategy around the drug possession.
  • Challenging the Prosecution’s Case: The defense highlighted the investigation’s failure to prove individual culpability.


Due to James Law Group’s expert legal analysis and strategic defense, the State was compelled to dismiss all charges against both the husband and wife for drug possession. This outcome underscores the importance of skilled legal representation in complex drug cases.

Key Insights

  • Importance of thorough evidence analysis in drug possession cases
  • Critical role of experienced criminal defense attorneys in challenging flawed investigations
  • Potential for drug possession case dismissal when prosecution cannot establish individual culpability in shared residences

James Law Group’s success in this case demonstrates their expertise in handling complex drug-related charges and their commitment to protecting clients’ rights in Missouri’s legal system.

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Summary of Drug Possession Defense 

A husband and wife were charged in connection to a federal raid on their home resulting the seizure of large drugs in their home. Although it was suspected that the husband was primarily or wholly responsible, a poor investigation could not establish that more than one person in the home knew of the drugs’ presence and could not establish which person in the home was the one who did know of their presence.

Based on James Law Group’s analysis of the evidence and existing law, the State dismissed all charges against both the husband and the wife.

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