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Defending your rights, fighting for justice.

We are passionate about civil rights. Our civil rights attorneys in Missouri believe that every individual deserves to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.

At James Law Group, we are passionate about civil rights. We believe that every individual deserves to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. When those rights are violated, we are here to be your advocates, seeking justice and accountability.

Your civil rights are the foundation of a just society. When they are violated, it is not just a personal injustice but a threat to the principles we hold dear. We are here to fight for your rights and work towards accountability for law enforcement officers who abuse their power.

If your civil rights have been violated, don’t suffer in silence. Contact James Law Group today for a free consultation. We are ready to listen, understand your unique circumstances, and provide the legal support you need to defend your rights and seek justice.

Most civil cases are charged on a contingency basis, meaning that the lawyer’s fee is contingent upon the outcome of the case, with payment only required if the case is successful.

At James Law Group, civil rights are not just a practice area—they are a passion. We are dedicated to upholding the principles of justice, equality, and dignity for all. Our team stands firm against any form of discrimination, fighting tirelessly to protect the rights and freedoms guaranteed to every individual.

Expertise in Civil Rights Law: With extensive experience in civil rights litigation, our attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the complexities of civil rights law. We stay at the forefront of legal developments and strategies to ensure the most effective representation for our clients.

Proven Track Record: Our history of successful outcomes in civil rights cases speaks volumes. From landmark settlements to pivotal court victories, our firm has demonstrated time and again our ability to challenge injustices and secure meaningful results for our clients.

Personalized Attention: We believe every case is unique, and every client deserves individualized attention. Our team takes the time to listen to your story, understand your objectives, and develop a tailored approach to meet your specific needs. At James Law Group, you are not just a case number; you are a valued individual seeking justice.

Strategic Advocacy: Our approach to civil rights cases is both thoughtful and dynamic. We combine rigorous legal analysis with strategic advocacy to challenge violations effectively and advocate for your rights. Whether negotiating settlements or representing clients in court, our focus is always on achieving the best possible outcome for you.

Community Engagement: Our commitment to civil rights extends beyond the courtroom. We are actively involved in community outreach, education, and advocacy efforts to promote civil rights awareness and reform.

If your civil rights have been violated, choose a legal team that stands for justice, equality, and accountability. Contact James Law Group today for a consultation, and let us be your voice in the fight for justice.

    Our Approach to Civil Law:

    Comprehensive Evaluation: We conduct a thorough evaluation of your case, considering the full extent of your injuries and the circumstances surrounding them.

    Strategic Advocacy: Our experienced attorneys develop a strategic plan to pursue the compensation you deserve. We’re fierce advocates for your rights.

    Support and Guidance: Throughout your journey, we offer support and guidance, helping you navigate the complexities of the legal process.


    Trust James Law Group to be your advocates civil rights cases. We’re here to protect your rights and your recovery.


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