Wrongfully Assaulted

A man attempting to be a good Samaritan was wrongfully assaulted. He had helped to break up a fight in a bar and then helped the injured person get outside until police arrived. When police got to the scene, the injured man was uncooperative and then became passively resistant to police.

As officers attempted to detain the subject against his will, a back up officer violently pushed the Good Samaritan in the back, knocking him down, merely because he was standing nearby. When the Good Samaritan got up, police swarmed him and tackled him to the ground, tasing him two or three times.

While the good Samaritan was held down by three officers, a fourth officer then kicked the Good Samaritan in the head and punched him several times. The Good Samaritan was then arrested and charged with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.



Navigating Police Brutality and False Charges: Advocating for Justice

In the aftermath of a shocking incident of police brutality against a Good Samaritan being wrongfully assaulted,  James Law Group stepped in to fight for recognition and justice. Despite facing unfounded criminal charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest, our client was determined to seek accountability for the excessive use of force by law enforcement.



A Settlement for Accountability: Holding Law Enforcement Responsible

Through rigorous legal advocacy and relentless pursuit of justice, James Law Group secured a $300,000 settlement on behalf of the Good Samaritan. This compensation not only acknowledges the wrongful actions taken against him but also serves as a critical step towards holding law enforcement accountable for their misconduct.



Empowering Victims: Pursuing Accountability and Reform for those Wrongfully Assaulted

This case underscores the importance of legal representation in challenging instances of police brutality and false charges. At James Law Group, we are committed to empowering victims and fighting for their rights in the face of injustice. If you or a loved one have been subjected to police misconduct, we stand ready to provide compassionate support and effective legal advocacy.

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  • Good Samaritan intervenes in a bar fight, aiding an injured person until police arrive.
  • Uncooperative behavior from the injured individual escalates the situation upon police arrival.
  • Wrongfully assaulted by police: violently pushed, tackled, tased, and wrongfully arrested.
  • James Law Group intervenes to challenge unfounded criminal charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.
  • Advocates for justice and accountability in the face of police misconduct.
  • Secures a $300,000 settlement for the victim, acknowledging the wrongful assault and misconduct.
  • Highlights the critical role of legal representation in challenging instances of police brutality and false charges.

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