At James Law Group, our commitment to justice extends to cases of police misconduct, where we fight tirelessly to uphold civil liberties and hold authorities accountable. In a recent case, we represented a young mother whose tragic death resulted from a series of events involving a confidential informant, excessive force, and wrongful death.

The Incident

Pressure and Deception: A Mother Caught in a Dangerous Web

The young mother, under pressure from local police to assist in apprehending fugitives, found herself unwittingly entangled in a perilous situation. During an attempt to assist police with an arrest, she became the victim of a violent attack by a fugitive she was driving out of town, leading to a chaotic struggle for control of the vehicle.

False Accusations

Fabrications and Fatal Consequences from Police Misconduct: A Distorted Narrative Unraveled

Following the struggle, an officer claimed to fear for his life as the vehicle moved backward, leading to the tragic shooting and death of the young mother. However, discrepancies in the physical evidence raised doubts about the officer’s account, revealing a distorted narrative of events.

Legal Action

Unwavering Advocacy: Fighting for Truth and Justice

Despite the complexity of the case, James Law Group pursued justice relentlessly on behalf of the victim’s family. We meticulously examined the evidence, challenged false claims, and held law enforcement accountable for their actions.

Achieving Justice

A Victory for Accountability in Police Misconduct: Securing Compensation and Closure

Through our diligent efforts, James Law Group secured a settlement of $450,000 for the family of the young mother, providing both financial compensation and a measure of closure. This outcome underscored the importance of transparency, accountability, and the protection of civil liberties in law enforcement practices.



Empowering Change: Standing Against Injustice

This case serves as a poignant reminder of the critical need to safeguard civil liberties and hold authorities accountable for their actions. If you or someone you know has been a victim of police misconduct, James Law Group is here to provide experienced legal representation and fight for justice.

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A young mother had been pressured to work for local police in the apprehension of local fugitives. While attempting to help police with such an arrest, she informed officers that she was driving a fugitive out of town so that police could pull her over and apprehend the fugitive. During the traffic stop, the young mother was attacked by the fugitive, who was attempting to force the mother to flee the traffic stop in the vehicle. The struggle for control of the vehicle caused the vehicle to accelerate backwards. The vehicle knocked one officer down and backed toward a second officer. The second officer claimed that he feared the vehicle would injure or kill him and, therefore, he shot and killed the young mother who was being attacked. The physical evidence collected from the shooting created a dispute of fact as to whether the vehicle the young mother was in was moving backward towards the shooting officer or moving forward away from the shooting officer at the time the young mother was killed. Despite a difficult set of facts, James Law Group obtained a $450,000 settlement for the family of the woman killed.

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