When you are facing criminal charges, your life is at stake, quite literally. Whether you are guilty or innocent, a rock-solid defense is your best chance for winning in court. Selecting an attorney for such an important task can be very complicated. Many people don’t know where to start. 

Some end up hiring an attorney that is unprepared to defend their client to the fullest. Building rapport with the jury through witness cross-examination, evidence evaluation, and the opening and closing statement can rely on many factors. There are no guarantees in the courtroom, but here are some factors to consider when hiring an attorney:

How much trial experience does the attorney have?  

An attorney may list themselves a criminal defense attorney, but unless they have taken many cases like yours to trial in the past, they may not have the experience necessary to defend your case.

Have they tried similar cases in the past? 

Not all criminal cases are the same. For example, any trial involving sexual misconduct or allegations can be tough to defend with the jury. Some attorneys specialize in certain types of criminal cases, and depending on what kind of trial you have or how complex the evidence is, you may want someone who can bring specific expertise into the courtroom related to your needs. 

How often do they take cases to trial?

 Some attorneys specialize in either settling things outside of court or accepting plea bargains with the judge. If you are looking to plead “not guilty” and go to trial to avoid a conviction, you will want to work with an attorney that goes to trial consistently. Some attorneys may take a case even though they do not think they should take it to court and should instead negotiate a more favorable punishment for the conviction. 

How many different areas of law do they practice? 

Many attorneys practice a wide array of legal areas. This is not necessarily a bad thing unless they rarely practice law within criminal cases. Every part of our practice serves individuals in protecting their rights in the courtroom against large companies or the government. Every case we accept is a potential jury trial and is treated that way from start to finish.

What honors and Accolades do they have? 

Attorneys often get recognized for their success in the courtroom and litigation proceedings. This can vary from peer recognition, professional organizations, recognition from the court systems, and recognition from their local community. If an attorney does not have any awards or accolades, it does not necessarily mean they aren’t a skilled attorney. This is just something else to factor in when evaluating an attorney’s track record for your case. 

Why do they practice law? 

Attorneys may practice law for several different reasons, but this is something to keep in mind when making a selection. Our focus for practicing law has always been to defend the innocent and stand up for what is right. This is why we have a significant focus on Criminal and Civil Rights law while still practicing in other areas. 

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These are all questions you may want to ask when selecting an attorney for your case. We have taken many criminal cases to trial with successful results across a broad landscape of potential convictions for various crimes. If you are facing criminal charges, contact James Law Group for information on defending your case. 

DISCLAIMER: *Information contained within this article is not official legal advice.*